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Emergency Medical Services

Benefits of using Ambutrax for EMS. While most Public Safety Agencies require many of the same types of Records Management Modules, many Ambutrax modules are specific to EMS.


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Personnel Management

Ambutrax provides a complete HR management system

Fire Agency

Ambutrax is also being utilized by many fire departments and has the ability to link to other software systems such as Fire House

Technical Rescue Teams

Include the Rescuetraks modules such as special teams, gear and K-9 to provide a full suite of records management software


Integrate Ambutrax with your current in house software or other software suites, such as Image Trend, Integraph, Zoll, to provide a one-stop-shop for all your data needs.

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EMS-Fire-Rescue Management Software
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Ambutrax Features

  • Personnel Module
    • HR/Employment Records
    • Status History (completed orientation, promotions, demotions, terminated)
    • Confidential Data (medical, allergies, medications)
  • Complaints (citizen, personnel, facility)
  • Personnel Discipline
  • Personnel and supervisor dashboards for quick access to tasks
  • Equipment Tracking (purchase info, maintenance, equipment log, repairs, grant purchase)
  • Agency Grant Module (track grant details)
  • Vendors Module
  • Fleet Management (vehicle purchase info, repairs, maintenance, vehicle damage)
  • Vehicle Fuel Log
  • Documents/Postings module (create memos, training posts in a searchable format)
  • Personnel Incident Reports
  • Occurrence Module (track personnel call-ins and tardiness)
  • Notice Module (track when personnel are put on notice, such as sick leave abuse, etc.)
  • Personnel Uniform Issue Module (article issued, date, condition, returned details)
  • Personnel Certifications (cert date, cert due date, upload/attach certifications)
  • Training/CEU Module (track CEU hours)
  • Training Instructors Module
  • Narctrax Module (track controlled substances from purchase to disposition)
  • A quick queue alerts personnel to tasks which are awaiting their attention. When personnel login they can view their dashboard for tasks which are awaiting their validation, a request for an incident report, etc.
  • Most all of the drop down choices in Ambutrax is controlled by your agency. If an item needs to be added as a choice, the agency administrator can add new choices.
  • Personnel have the ability to change their password, PIN and address anytime they need to without having to contact the agency administrator.
  • Agency personnel have the ability to register in Ambutrax utilizing a double opt-in with their email address. Agency administrators give their personnel an agency password, which allows them access to the registration module. Once completed, they will receive an email link to click for acceptance.
  • Agency administrators have full control over the personnel’s access rights and module access. Each new user is given only “user” permissions, which allow very restricted access.  To allow more access, an agency administrator simply checks a box for personnel to access a module.
  • Personnel which are no longer employed are moved to “Former Employee” status for historic records.
  • Personnel can also be assigned to an email group. An email module is included which allows an email to be sent to a group of personnel. Personnel can be assigned to as many email groups as needed.


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