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Personnel Management

Ambutrax provides a complete HR management system

Fire Agency

Ambutrax is also being utilized by many fire departments and has the ability to link to other software systems such as Fire House

Technical Rescue Teams

Include the Rescuetraks modules such as special teams, gear and K-9 to provide a full suite of records management software


Integrate Ambutrax with your current in house software or other software suites, such as Image Trend, Integraph, Zoll, to provide a one-stop-shop for all your data needs.

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EMS-Fire-Rescue Management Software
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What do we provide?

Each employee at Epigate Software has a history in Fire or EMS, which sets us apart from most software developers who have no idea of the inner workings of a Public Safety agency.

We have consulted with some of the largest EMS and Fire agencies, and also some of the smallest. The size of an agency has no affect on how we handle our customers. Small or large, each agency experiences the same problems.

  • Which CAD system would be best for your agency
  • Which ePCR system does your agency need
  • Do you have an antiquated data system that you would like to modernize
  • We can integrate all your data systems into a single one-stop-shop for all your reporting needs
  • Would an Alert system benefit your agency. Email alerts when selected criteria is met.
  • Narcotics tracking with dual validation and accountability
  • QA system integrated into a field evaluation and preceptor evaluation module
  • Web based access
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